@Twitter for #BusinessMarketing

Why Twitter?

As part of a social media marketing campaign, marketers can use Twitter to:

  • Reach

    As Twitter admits, Twitter (and its users) are everywhere! There are over 271 million active users, from almost every country in the world.

  • Engage

    Users follow businesses on Twitter; they want to hear from brands…these consumers are ready and willing to engage with a brand. Isn’t that a marketer’s dream?  Twitter allows a brand to show its brand personality and build relationships with its followers.

  • Target

    Marketers can be very precise in reaching their target audience based on brand followers, geo-targeting, user interests, keywords, gender, device use, and even through TV engagement.  The #hashtag has become a very powerful tool for tracking trends and creating buzz.

Best Practices for Business

There is a long list of best practices listed on Twitter’s website. A few of them are listed below:

  • Create Tweets that resonate – be interesting, creative, trendy and informative
  • Keep Tweets Short and Sweet – don’t feel the need to use all 140 characters. K.I.S.S.
  • Tweet often – some experts say 3 – 14 times per day
  • Use the tools – use @ and # to reply, engage, and inform

Who’s Doing it Right? (In my opinion) and Why?

  • @Charmin – “potty humor” – this brand engages its audience with humor and wit – check ’em out!  Charmin takes a serious, private topic and pokes fun at it.
  • @Oreo – frequent tweets with a variety of creative brand messaging.  Who doesn’t love and Oreo (and Milk, of course)?
  • @Starbucks – can 6.74 million followers be wrong?  Starbucks encourages brand engagement and provides relevant, meaningful, creative content.  As a brand, they also re-tweet alot of follower comments…very engaging!

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