I’m Margie Romani.  I’m an explorer, a dreamer,  a mom of triplets, a student, and a full-time employee.

Traveling, exploring, experiencing new places and meeting new people are my passion.  I’ve often dreamed of travel as a lifestyle, at the moment it’s still a dream.  With a last name of Romani, it seems travel is my destiny.

At the core of my existence are my triplet daughters, Ashley, Alexandra, and Lauren. Yes, triplets.  “The Girlz” are strong, amazing, independent young women finding their way into adulthood; on their own adventures, I’d say.

I’ve recently completed my first year at Madison College, in Madison, Wisconsin.  As an adult student returning to the classroom after many years, I am finding college a lot more engaging this second-time-around.

Aside from being a student, I work full-time as a Marketing administrative assistant.  Someday, I would like to listen to the entrepreneurial voice in my head that suggests that I work with small businesses to develop and strengthen their social media campaigns.

When I’m not working or doing homework, my passions are: spending time with my daughters, horseback riding, sea kayaking,  and traveling.  I enjoy being active and adventurous and look forward to sharing my travels with you through the stories and photos  in my blog.

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