Facebook – The Search for a Company Who’s Doing it Right

This week’s Adventure in Education led us down the path of Social Media Networking.

Following a week-long immersion into several social media platforms, students were asked to call out a “Best Facebook Page.”  Although I have not looked at every Facebook page, I’m going to give a shout out to American Girl – here’s why!

From a social media marketer’s perspective, I think AG is doing so many things right.

Here’s the top 4 things I like about the American Girl Facebook page:

1.  Consistency – American Girl Facebook Cover Photo mirrors the American Girl website, and also their current catalogue cover. This very important cross-channel-visual gives consumers confirmation that they are still engaging with the American Girl brand. In addition, the iconic “inner star” logo is utilized as the profile picture.

AG2.  Engagement – This week, American Girl hosted a live chat between their Facebook fans (all 1,046,967 of them as of today) and Project Runway designer, Kini Zamora.  Kini recently designed the winning outfit on the American Girl-themed Project Runway episode (another clever marketing partnership, by the way!) American also frequently holds Facebook Sweepstakes.


3.  Drive to Social – American Girl drives their already social customers to one of American Girl’s newest social ventures, Pinterest (13,473 followers).  AG offers sneak-peeks into the new Holiday products for followers.  In addition, take a look at the interaction between two consumers on the image below; that’s my 4th point.


4.  Community – If you take a few minutes to peruse American Girls Facebook page  posts, you’ll find that as a company, they don’t have to post replies very often.  American Girl has a very loyal base of avid fans and consumers who are well-versed in the AG culture and product line. Note the example above:  A consumer comments that they “don’t see anything new” as they expected.  Rather than AG posting an immediate reply, another consumer chimes in.   There are hundreds of examples like this on the AG Facebook page.  The AG fans are loyal to their brand!

If you were wondering, yes, American Girl is also on Instagram (24,065 followers).  This is a new addition to their social network and makes great sense from a marketing perspective.  Their customer demographic certainly uses Instagram regularly – good work, AG!   Again, you’ll see that they’ve taken the time to create consistent cross-channel marketing.Instagram

Thanks for taking the time to check out these weekly posts.  Come back next week for a bit of info on Twitter!

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