Adventures in Mobile Marketing

It’s Saturday morning and the Madison Farmer’s Market is calling to me… I ponder the mass of people who will attend, the sights and sounds – and the potential for mobile marketing opportunities. Don’t you?  OK, most likely not.  As a marketing student however, I am well aware of the shift to mobile marketing and wanted to dig a little deeper.

 Did you know?

  • The trend of consumers who own mobile devices (smartphone, tablet) continues to rise
  • More people own a mobile device than own a toothbrush
  • Despite these facts, in 2013, companies spent less than 1% on their mobile marketing efforts
  • Those brands cited for most successful use of mobile marketing include: Starbucks (App-based marketing, engagement, and payments), McDonalds (Instagram sharing initiative), North Face (location-based), Chipotle (gamification), and Ikea(App-based inspiration and shopping) to name a few.
Business marketers today need to assure they are following this trend to mobile by marketing to mobile.  If a business isn’t on the same field as their consumer, how will they play the game?

Courtesy of

Watch This!

This video from Social/Mobile Eric Qualman and Jamie Turner really drives home the importance of mobile marketing. The Farmer’s Market attendees are carrying their mobile devices, not sitting in front of their laptop (or desktop).

Pros and Cons of Mobile Marketing


  • Instant Delivery – and (almost) instant results.  70% of mobile searches lead to action within one hour
  • Ease of Use – Screens are small, keep content design simple
  • Convenience –  Messages can be changed almost instantly
  • Portability – Mobile marketing can be easily shared between consumers
  • Reach – With more mobile devices on the planet than people, this seems obvious, but worth mentioning


  • Privacy – Marketers need to respect user privacy and only market to those who’ve opted-in
  • Platform Diversity – Not all mobile devices are created equal. This diversity will cause challenges
  • Navigation – Let’s face it, it’s not always easy for a user to navigate on a small device.  Design of simple, user-centric messaging can solve that issue
  • Reach – no everyone is mobile.  If your target market isn’t, mobile marketing isn’t a good idea.
Marketing in the mobile arena makes sense for both marketer and consumer. Marketers can provide relevant, timely content to consumers who crave it most.

So, what’s next?

If you’ve watched the video above, and watched the trend emerge, it’s clear that consumers are mobile.  The trends that intrigue me most these days are location-based marketing, geo-fencing, and use of beacon technology…creepy and fascinating at the same time!  I’ll save discussion of those topics for another post…for now, I’m going on a little adventure to the Farmer’s Market.

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