Zillow Blog – My new “BBF”

Not just a home-shopping tool, it’s a partner in all-things homey.

Zillow has a blog and has become one of my new BBFs (Best Blog Friend). Over the past few years, I’ve been casually home-shopping using Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, and a number of real-estate agents.  Having become more aware of corporate blogs over the past several months, I took some time to notice and explore this blog site from both a consumer and marketer perspective.

My personal “consumer insights”

  • Zillow provides one-stop solutions to most of my home-related needs. From finding a home to financing it, to making it my own, this blog has it all.
  • In the Tips and Advice section, Zillow is watching out for me as a consumer. Here’s a great article which shares some thoughts on potential hidden expenses of home-buying or ownership.
  • Market Trends offers great insight into housing trends and mortgage rate fluctuation.
  • The Home Improvement blog posts and visuals are appealing, inspiring and engaging

Marketer insights

  • This blog site offers a great corporate presence and is incorporated directly in the company website.
  • The blog posts are interesting, engaging, and very relevant to the needs of the consumer.
  • The site has several posts a week on a variety of home-related topics.
  • Zillow is social. They have incorporated their marketing into several channels including: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn.  By using the same cover image across all of these sites, Zillow has done an excellent job in their IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications)

Thank you, Zillow!

In summary, Zillow and its blog have become a great resource in my search for a home.  The site has been working for me as a real estate salesperson, a home decorating consultant, and a financial advisor all-in-one.  AND it’s available 24/7 – who could ask for more?

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