3 Quick Tips to Building a Successful Corporate Blog

3 Quick Tips to Building a Successful Corporate Blog

Meeting the needs of consumers and solving their problems is the focus of a marketer.  It is also important to build relationships and establish a brand presence that delights and engages your audience.

Here are three tips to consider when building, developing, and maintaining a corporate blog.

1. Make Your Blog an Extension of your Brand

Your blog should be an extension of your brand.  It should be part of your overall integrated marketing plan.  The blog should part of your social strategy, with the same voice, look, and feel as your main web and/or brick-and-mortar presence.  Every part of your consumer-facing brand presence should be “seamless,” like the Zillow site and its social presence mentioned in my past blog post.

2. Content Matters

Reach your consumers with relatable, relevant information.  Create and maintain engaging content that will keep them coming back.  Moreover, when they return, make sure there is new, fresh content on a regular and consistent basis.  Allow yourself to think outside your own website, if necessary, and provide links to relevant information that might be relevant.  Your blog should include information your consumers crave – listen to them.

3.  Speak to consumers, not at them

A blog isn’t your platform for pitching your next big thing. Show readers your brand personality and work to build relationships.  Rather than showing them what you want them to buy, give them something they need – inspiration, tips, encouragement, and the like.  To illustrate this point, here’s an article by Doug Kessler, founder and creative director of the marketing agency Velocity, which illustrates a poorly run blog by a major tech company.

Of course, setting up a corporate blog will take a great deal more time, research, and effort than these 3 tips.  You’ll also want to assure your blog is credible and ethical as it represents who you are as a company. For further information, check out this article on business blog pros, cons, and best practices.

photo obtained from Creative Commons

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