2 Pros, 2 Cons of Corporate Blogging

2 Pros, 2 Cons of Corporate Blogging

The decision to launch a corporate blog site should not be a spur of the moment decision.  The benefits and challenges must be carefully considered; this brand presence will represent you not only to your loyal fans, but to casual visitors.  Readers of your blog are not only visitors to your site, but to other sites who may link to your content.

First, the Pros

  1. Brand-building – Blogs can be great tools for brand-building by creating brand awareness, attracting new customers, and building stronger relationships with existing customers.  Blogs can also aid in creating higher SEO, which results in greater visibility for the brand.
  2. Minimal Technology & Minimal cost – At their core, blogs are pretty low-tech and reasonably inexpensive to build.

Then the Cons

  1. Content – Your blog content needs to reflect the needs of your audience.  The content must be engaging, creative, relateable, and relevant to the needs of your consumers, It must be refreshed consistently to keep traffic and interest flowing.
  2. Time-consuming – Creating content sounds like it would be easy, but it requires planning, organization, creativity, and a great deal of time in order to do it right.  If you don’t have the time and talent resources to do all of the above, a blog is not a good idea for your business.

So, should you build a blog for your company?

Here are some additional resources which might be helpful in weighing the risks and benefits of this powerful tool and making the decision which is best for you and your business.

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